I need suggestions:

I occasionally fly though states where concealed carry is illegal…I try not to have to stop in those states….But if I have to stop for fuel or other reasons, I have to do so… Not wanting to do anything illegal, I have been advised to have a “secure storage” container in the plane where I can lock the (unloaded) firearm while I am on the ground in order to be legal if I have to land.

I could uses something like this:

But it isn’t much security…Actually, it is pretty cheaply made as well. Honestly, I’m not entirely certain that the cheap lock will open every time (I’ve had issues with similar lock mechanisms that failed to open)…and it isn’t gonna be hard to pry open the case if someone wanted to (this is less difficult to open than a locked briefcase)……..

Has anyone got a suggestion for a case that WOULD be secure in order that I don’t something illegal  if circumstances should make me land in a non firearms friendly state?  I don’t mind spending more money if I get what I need. 

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  1. Take a look at a Pelican case – and use a couple of padlocks to secure it. Works fine for TSA's requirements.

  2. A metal toolbox and a lock commeasurate with the stoutness of the metal work for me.

    As always, if someb9dy wants in bad enough, they are going to get in.

    I use a toolbox that looks nothing like a gun storage thingamajig.

    Bonus: I carry a length of heavy chain in the box and secure the box to a structural piece of the car i am driving, so it is not going to grow legs and walk off.

    Also, i use a combination lock, so some over zealous super trooper in a communist state such as NY NJ CALI and MD cannot use a key on my keyring while I am in the back of a squad car.

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