“Defensive in Nature”

Yeah, fuck.

Pentagon will deploy US forces to the Middle East after Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia oil facilities

And exactly who is paying for this?


‘Cause if we are gonna expect NATO nations to pay their fair share, then we sure as hell should be getting a deposit for the cost of this deployment from the House of Saud.

There isn’t one thing the US needs that is in the Gulf.

We don’t need their oil. The rest of the world, maybe, but not the US.

Their religion government is antithetical to ours, they have squeezed the blood and treasure of our nation for nearly my entire lifetime, and there is certainly nothing there that is worth even one US service member’s blood, much less life.

2 thoughts on ““Defensive in Nature”

  1. I'm confused. Supposedly Iran attacked Saudi Arabia. What business is that to us?

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