Climate protest hypocrites

So all those folks who protested on Friday…

All claiming their goal and their protest was to push for 100% renewable energy by 2040 or whatever (the date varied a bit)…

How have you changed YOUR lifestyle, folks? Did you WALK to the protest site? Do you live within walking distance of your workplace?

Do YOU use any Fossil fuel energy? I bet you do.
Are you living a totally renewable lifestyle right now? (I bet not, you wouldn’t like it, really)

I haven’t seen any of those folks looking like thy are not using the wonders of society that our high energy usage society brings. They all looked well fed, healthy, well clothed (in well made clothing  that didn’t look homespun to me, so they had likely been made on machines, in factories (and likely shipped from somewhere else) all using energy from fossil fuels.

I’m all for those who want to live a low carbon/renewable energy life. But these protesters really don’t. They want the rest of us to do so, but I don’t see them leading the way. They are enjoying the benefits that our current fossil fuel powered society provides while protesting the methods and the means with which those benefits are provided.

Show me the way, folks. Live the Word….

Until then shut up.

2 thoughts on “Climate protest hypocrites

  1. What gets my goat is how these little kiddles turn around and try to tell ME how to live, even though I grew up in a world of returnable bottles, repairable electronics and appliances, Jelly jars that became drinking glasses once empty, and the like. We drove the wheels off our non-air conditioned cars. We vacationed in the local mountains or… God forbid… AT HOME, instead of "popping" over to Hawaii or Europe on a plane. Our non-air conditioned house had ONE repairable TV and ONE phone… that never broke and never went obsolete. We did have two cars, but one was a barely functional "station car" that got my dad to the train station, where he caught the train to work.

    In short, we were "green" before THEY were born! Somehow though, some sixteen-year-old Swedish wunderkind knows it all, and we're supposed to fall in line behind her. Yeah… Right…

    Let's see how these whine bottles do when they really DO have to "use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without…"

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