If Trump can’t make some headway on the Border Wall, he’s gonna lose about 1/3 of his supporters.

And if he allows these last two shootings to push him into signing some DNC type “Common Sense Gun Control” measure, he’s gonna lose another 1/3 of his supporters.

He’s already forgotten his promise to repeal BarryCare.

So I fully expect that we will have a DNC type for our next presided coming up.

’cause unlike Liberals, folks like us kinda expect results and punish betrayal.

I remember having lunch with Tam a few years ago and we were discussing the voting choices. Trump or Hillary:

Her words then: “You gonna vote for the New York Democrat or the New York Democrat?
To date, she’s been correct.

So far, Donnie hasn’t done much that he has promised, and if he betrays the Second Amendment folks, he’ll lose for sure. 

2 thoughts on “Y’know…

  1. Indeed. I see no difference between Trump saying he will protect the Second Amendment and Obummer saying "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

    "Red flag" laws = Death of the Second Amendment. At that point bearing arms goes from being a right to being a privilege that can be rescinded at any time. After all; what constitutes being "a danger to the public;" being a psycho, or supporting "a certain candidate?"

    Where goes the Second Amendment goes the country itself…

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