Gun control

Y;know, what with the Media push, the timing (coincidence?I think not) and the fact that TWO men, at more or less the same time chose to commit mass murder…. And that the media campaign was so well planned and ready to use..

I cannot help but wonder if this is a planned attempt to get more gun control….
In fact, Australian style gun control…Essentially confiscation.

And I cannot help but wonder if the folks that want this gun control are willing to kill a bunch of people to get that gun control.

It is frightening to me that I can even consider this.

And even more frightening that I may be correct. 

3 thoughts on “Gun control

  1. If there's one thing that Trump's presidency has taught me, it's that "the folks that want" will stop short of nothing to get WHAT they want…

    …We must prepare accordingly…

  2. How does a crazy kill 22 and wound 25 with 1 30 round magazine.

  3. Remember, these people are MISSIONARIES. They believe – can I get a "Hallelujah Marx!"? – they can create heaven on earth with no hunger, or want, or poverty, or war, or crime. They BELIEVE it with the same level of faith I have in G-d.

    "Knowing" that your planned / "inevitable" paradise would save millions and create utopia, what would you NOT do to make it happen?

    "Knowing" that you can do this, and having the "evidence" that such was inevitable, what would you NOT do to those who stood in your way?

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