We should start a pool:

so in the approximately 80 hours from Friday night to Monday evening, we should place bets as to how many folks are shot in the greater South side of the Chicago area.

I’ll place my dime on 48 shot, 3 killed and at least 3 drive-by incidents.

Place your bets in the comments below. 

7 thoughts on “We should start a pool:

  1. Chicago has gun control laws, therefore no one will be shot and there will certainly be no fatalities.

  2. Why did you specify the South Side? The 11th District, on the West Side, has led the city in shootings and homicides for two years running. As they always say, the West Side is the best side.
    I've been away for too long to make any predictions, but just for S and Gs I'll say 10 homicides and 70 shootings. It's the last hurrah before school starts.

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