Comcast has GREAT service.

When, that is, it works.

Trying to get to anyone with a clue to fix the broken system, however, is well nigh impossible.

They don’t even post a contact number on their website.

When you finally do get to talk to a human (it takes greater than 40 minutes to speak to the FIRST level person) they are only slightly better at trying to fix things than my cats….

When (if) you can convince them to connect you to someone who has any actual abilities besides reading from a troubleshooting script tree and have waited the requisite amount of time, you may or may not get a technician dispatched to your home in 3 or more days.

Then, he or she may not actually know what to do….if they show up at the time chosen by the company to actually fix things.
All of which does NOT make for much in the way of customer satisfaction.

It does seem, however, that the neighbor was having issues….and in fixing their issue, the technician decided that the issue was MY modem in MY home (which, apparently was correct) ….rather than choose to knock on my door and fix the issue, he disconnected me at the pole. No notice….couldn’t even bother to tell me.

and it took 3 days for them to dispatch a tech to replace the modem (their equipment) and reconnect me to their network. The tech who was at the neighbors house could have fixed the issue and solved the problem simply by knocking on my door.

Instead it took me 40 minutes on hold, then another 30 to get transferred to someone with more than the IQ of an overripe tomato who could actually troubleshoot the issue…and dispatch someone (in 3 days) to fix things.

And the actual fix took less than 20 minutes. 

One thought on “Comcast has GREAT service.

  1. Ohhhh BUDDY!
    Don't even get me started on those rotten sonsabitches.
    I have gone round and round and round with those people. I finally threatened to come to their office and voice my displeasure in person, very loudly. It was a mere three miles away at the time. Whaddya know if there wasn't not just one, but TWO technicians in front of my house bright and early the next day.
    I'll tell you something else, I blogged about their rotten service one time years ago and a couple of days later, a VICE PRESIDENT of Comcast marketing left a comment with contact information wanting to get my problem fixed.
    Be that squeaky wheel. They absolutely do have an algorithm scouring the net looking for bad press.

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