The sad part is that it might be true:


And even sadder is that they are likely gonna get away with it.
(I especially like the third one)

To be fair, there are a LOT of folks (allegedly) as likely to have benefited from Epsteins’s inability to testify. Some of them as powerful (and even MORE wealthy) than the Clintons. Lots of folks here is the States and (reportedly) even more abroad.

ETA: as stated in comments on SCC: “Dead Pedophiles (and panderers) tell no tales”. 

One thought on “The sad part is that it might be true:

  1. One way to test what appears to be a statistical anomaly is to scoop up another fifty samples and see how many of them self-select for cost effective justice.

    Then maybe another ninety.

    Then the rats would really leave the ship.

    But, alas, I would hate to start THAT ball rolling because the risk is that it would never stop. As in, "Wow, plutonium gets warm when you put a big lump of it in one place… I wonder what happens when you make the lump twice as big?"

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