And just like that, Bill Clinton’s problem went away…..

along with, of course, the problem of many other rich and powerful people.

Accused sex trafficker and wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein found dead by suicide in Manhattan jail



Like Vince Foster.



One wonders what information would have come out at Epstein’s trial?

The correct term is “Arkancide“. Funny how that happens to a guy on suicide watch, innit?


2 thoughts on “And just like that, Bill Clinton’s problem went away…..

  1. Yeah… Funny… I guess the MSM goes on what the average reader DOESN'T know; that a person on suicide watch is deprived of the means to commit suicide; no sharp objects, no belt, no clothing, save for the jumpsuit (no underwear), and no sheets. If Epstein wanted to commit suicide he would've needed to use his own Johnson to make a noose! …Probably the only thing he HADN'T done with that in his lifetime…

    I thought "Pizzagate" was bizarre until Epstein's pedophilia and his connections to the Clintons came to light. Y'know, people say the "Pizzagate" was a right-wing conspiracy theory because the report claimed the meetings happened in the basement of a pizzaria which had no basement. That's like a Millennial saying "I don't live in Mom's basement" when he actually lives in a trailer in the back yard. Y'see where this is going?…

  2. Pete is correct. Interesting since there was supposed to be another tranche of data dropping in the next week or so with more names.

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