Sometimes news, sometimes not

18 in Texas, more in Ohio

And the Media is having a field day.

Yet there were 12 people shot in Chicago’s South Side (just stannin on the conna mindin’ my own bidness….(well after midnight))….and no one in the Media even noticed because it was a normal Saturday night in Chicago…5 in one incident, and 7 in another a few miles away.

Why the big deal for the shootings, isolated incidents, in the other two areas of the country when this sort of thing happens in Chicago nearly every weekend?

One wonders. Is the Media simply ignoring the shootings in Chicago because they are “normal” or because they are in areas that are majority black and this is just what the (mostly white) leftist journalists expect from a bunch of “Darkies”? Why isn’t the weekly group shooting incidents news?
I’m thinking racism here.

And, oddly, “Moms Demand Action” had a “spontaneous protest” in Washington DC  Saturday evening…complete with pre-printed signs decrying gun violence…..what a strange coincidence….

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