One wonders:

So Barry and Michelle Obama are buying a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

Good for them. I’m happy for them.

But one wonders, where did they get the cash to do so? I mean, 15 MILLION dollars is a lot of scratch….like a whole lot. And the utilities alone are gonna be a whole lot of money each month. Plus upkeep, maintenance, taxes, staff, etc.

Where did they get the money for the purchase and where is the income stream coming from for the residual cost per month? It’s gotta be another half million dollars a year just to keep the thing going.

Where is that coming from, much less the 15 MILLION clams it took to make the purchase?
(According to the experts, Barry and Michelle are worth over $130 Million….all from “Book Deals and Speaking Engagements”. In 3 years they have earned 130 MILLION bucks. Good work when you can get it, I guess.) 

ETA: One wonders why Barry would be buying beachfront land ON AN ISLAND….since he told us if we didn’t spend all that government (taxpayer) money on Solar Cells and other Green Initiatives pout forth by his cronies the icecaps were gonna melt in a few years and flood all the seafronts and Raise the Sea Level by tens of feet or more……Wouldn’t that put his mansion underwater?

Or was that where he got some of his money? From grateful beneficiaries of his policies? Perhaps they are the ones paying him the Big Bucks for the “Speaking Engagements” ?

I would think that if he believed his story about melting the icecaps he would have bought land in the mountains….

Or, perhaps, he was just lying when he said all that about Global Warming Climate Change….

3 thoughts on “One wonders:

  1. Never mind the fact the mansion is on the BEACH. If "climate change" was real, and ocean levels were going to rise enough to end the world in twelve years, wouldn't that be a crappy investment?…

    'Ever notice how the people who are telling us to modify our lifestyles to prevent "climate change" never seem to do so themselves?…

    …I bet Obama's thermostat won't be set to 82* at night… except in the winter… 'More like Kenya, donchaknow…

  2. And to think he couldn't put a credit card up to rent a car before he was elected Senator.

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