I am informed that Epstein was not in the custody of the New York Penal System, but rather in Federal custody.

And that he wasn’t on “Suicide Watch”.

Again: Why no Suicide Watch? Why no monitoring?

And who ordered that the precautions be lifted?

Someone, at best, screwed up. At worst, they helped silence a potential witness…one that could embarrass or ruin many highly placed men (and, if rumors are true, women). I find it hard to believe that this was simply someone making a mistake in judgement. Not with such a high profile client. This wasn’t random nor do I believe it was simple incompetence.

Who will be fired? Who will lose their position and pension?

The big question is which prison employee will die in a terrible car accident or under strange circumstances in the next few months?

Someone, somewhere, has the answers. If they are not silenced, then will they talk to try and save their own lives?

I used the term “Arkancide” earlier. However, if half the rumors about Epstein are based in even a semblance of  fact, then there are MANY people besides the Little Rock power couple that had an interest in Epstein’s silence.

If nothing else, those officials in charge should be fired and punished for their incompetence, and investigated (especially financially) for involvement…..

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  1. I think iit much more likely that Epstein is resting in Tel Aviv rather than resting in peace.

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