Aaaand, there ya go

Seems that the guards assigned to Epstein were “Sleeping” at the time of his untimely death. Both of them. Both guards. At the same time.

Oddly, they also “falsified reports” as to when and how they did their inspections (if any).

Funny how that happened, innit? And funny how his roommate “posted Bail” the day before, leaving him alone in the room….

Next, I expect to hear that the video cameras (if any) were “temporarily non functional” or “under repair”.

Either way, a major and important witness is dead. Conveniently. Too conveniently for me to believe it is just incompetence.

One can expect that those guards will shortly be killed in a rouge alligator attack on the streets of greater New York. (the smartest thing they could do is promise to talk in return for protection….and hope that those protectors could not be bought…Either way, I wouldn’t place any bets on their long term survival).