But do it for the “Environment” !

I do love it when an urban apartment dweller tells me that because I don’t sort my trash for recycling  I am a terrible person who is destroying the environment and causing global warming climate change.

This from a person who drives (when there are public transportation options available…IE trains) over 50 miles every day (each way) to get to work, who lives in an apartment and cares for zero greenspace.

He seems to feel that sorting trash for (energy wasting) recycling efforts somehow offsets several acres of greenspace (which I own and maintain as habitat) with significant tree and other vegetation growth, that is close to where I need to be…my average daily (or less) round trip is less than 25 miles.

But hey, Greenie “Holier than thou” or something.

I offered to bring him my (average) 5 cubic foot of sortable trash each week in order that he could sort it….. I mean, “If you really think it is that big of a deal, and will make all that much difference, I can toss a bag or two into the back of my pickup and deliver it to you every couple of days…. it isn’t out of my way or anything”… He declined.

I LOVE exposing liberal hypocrisy.

And, as has been pointed out, even though it often makes no sense energy wise or monetarily (which equates to energy, really) recycling is (often) a religious expiation