So when the black population “Voted (“Call me Barry”) Obama into office”,

And thus, the Black population had a Black man as President…

And when they had a majority of Democrats in the House and Senate…..

Just where were those elected leaders when it came to “Reparations”?
Why did they spend all their time and political capital on socialist programs like Obamacare and increased illegal immigration instead of reparations?

Just wondering. 

3 thoughts on “question:

  1. The "Reparations" legislation working its way through the Senate trades
    Reparations for the elimination of Affirmative Action, EEO and much of the Civil Rights legislation.

    Just saying, don't trade something away without getting something in return.

  2. Not all assumptions are alike. Some are only embarrassing, others can be fatal. Here for example, the assumption of a will in Congress to right the boat is a fatal flaw of perception. It disallows one to see the true nature of the game. And it is a game, if you can call war a game. If a cessation of hostilities against the People were to actually, like, really occur, then what becomes of them who make their profit by war, which by another name is the process which facilitates the transfer of your wealth to their pockets.

    No, that can not be allowed, it must prohibited from ever occurring. Long live the process.
    These crimes against humanity must know no end. The art of politics is to not ever fix a damn thing while making every effort to find blame of why they are stymied in their supposed attempts at correction. Never mind that it is they who broke it in the first place, how very Machiavellian of them. To them, the 1st Rule of Holes is to find a hole. If none to be found, make one. The hole must be 'fixed'. The hole must be made ever larger. The hole must never become smaller nor shallow. The hole may create new holes. New holes shall not replace an existing hole.

    Until the People mount up and employ Model 308 pitchforks the process will continue unabated. It makes great headlines. It creates fear and contentment, hope and discouragement, disappointment and dissension in the People.


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