But….that’s not what they told us!

So it would seem that there are FEWER racist incidents and fewer racist comments since Trump was elected....not more as we were told.

Odd, isn’t it? How often the Media and the Democrats LIE about things Trump.

But then again, the Media is, mostly, just spokespersons for the Democrats and repeaters of Democrat propaganda.

Are there still racists out there? Yes. Lots….too many. Both sides. Black Racism is still prevalent, and Latino racism, while still out there, si simply less strident. White racism gets more press, but there isn’t more now than there was then…it is simply what the press chooses to cover (and, more importantly, what the press chooses NOT to cover to hide and to influence public opinion…..).

2 thoughts on “But….that’s not what they told us!

  1. It is amazing how the author still tried to turn it around and make it seem as if racism was the way of President Trump and that Obama had nothing to do with the increase in racism. Nothing except that because he was in office racists became infuriated under his watch thus not his fault just the fault of the racists. Not a bit of blame was mentioned for Obama's policies and attitudes fanning the flames of racism but still blaming Trump for it.

    Trump is given no no credit for lowering racism by way of his policies. His economic policies have allowed more people to work and not be seen as leeches, nor was he given credit in any other way for racism being on the decline. Instead they find fault with Trump by saying his racist manner makes people see him as such a vile racist that. Only when they see how bad a racist is he does it give them pause to reconsider their own racist attitudes and thus they become less racist! What utter doublespeak or maybe I should just call it what I truly think of it – absolute bullshit. The left will always be the left – intolerant of the middle or the right, unable to place blame upon their own, and equally unable to give credit to the right.

  2. The blacks scream "BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!" and tear up their own neighborhoods and demand the "black-only" accommodations their grandparents fought so hard against. The Mexicans scream "SI SE PUEDE!!" and VIVA LA RAZA!!!" as they invade our country and turn it onto the next 3rd World country. The white folk go to work and pay the bills for the other two aforementioned groups. Somehow… that makes the white folk "racist…" Fine… I'm a racist then…

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