‘Twas very sad

So in trying to get the manifold apart for the ’27 Chrysler to fix the exhaust leak, I snapped off 3 bolts.

Not a surprise, they are likely the original ’27 bolts in an exhaust manifold been heated and cooled man, many times……but I needed some left handed drill bits to try to pull out the bolt stubs and my lefty bits (at least the small ones) were worn and of dubious utility.

So, off to Menards.
Pretty disappointing. Not much selection and what was there were all brands that I had never heard of. I really don’t want to use cheap drill bits that will snap off in the work and compound my problems…

Next stop: Home Depot. Not only NO lefty drill bits, but also the clerk in the hardware section was unbelieving that they even made such things….the look she gave me was one of “Don’t fuck with me, dude, I know they don’t make 5 lb tubs of “Elbow Grease” either….”.
 I had to explain (and show via her internet) that there really are such things as left handed drill bits. She’d never heard of them. So much for qualified folks in the stores…. But Home Depot doesn’t stock ’em . So no joy there.

Lowes online only has “Hanson”, “Irwin”,  and another brand which I haven’t ever heard of, so I think I will pass there as well. Hanson/Irwin drill bits are about Harbor Freight quality in my experience…

I guess DeWalt and Bosch don’t make left drill bits. I really don’t want to use some cheap bits that will break off or some cheaper cast screw extractor that will break inside the work and leave me in worse shape.

I may well track down a Snap-On guy and buy some lefty drill bits…maybe some extractors too Snap-On is pricey, but their tools are good. Not so much with the home improvement stores cheapo ones….The manifold on which I am working is too hard to replace.

4 thoughts on “‘Twas very sad

  1. hard to expect expertise at a store paying minimum wage to employees while selling itself as lowest price point retailer

  2. Both Grainger and Fastenal carry good left handed bits. American made too.
    About $5 to $6 for 3/8" bits.
    That's a little high for bits, but you get what you pay for.

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