Only White Nationalists

do mass murder….And we are told it is terrible to be a Muslim in the US today….
Yet things like what Joe refers to happen often around the world….and the media doesn’t make a big deal about it.
And it isn’t very newsworthy, for some reason.

Haters of all races/cultures/religions are haters. And these folks should be stopped, no matter who they are killing. No matter who you are, as a group, someone hates you. Someone wants to kill you because your beliefs aren’t theirs. Because they think they know the One True Way and younaren’t following it.

But the selective media reporting would make you believe that it only happens to Muslims (and the outcry would make you think that as well).
(Ok, maybe the Jews and the homosexuals cry that they are just as persecuted….) But the statistics here in the US don’t support that. Other countries? Well. they even eat their own.

 Bottom line: If every time they attempted this they’d get shot (early and often), the attacks would stop pretty quickly There are hateful people who would commit mass murder in nearly every society. Don’t be defenseless.  Let them do the dying, not you and your group. Not saying go looking for trouble, but don’t let it happen if it comes to you.