question for Amazon:


Do y’all vet your Prime delivery people? Or do you just hire the first folks that come in the door? Recruit them in bus stations and rehab clinics? Some government program for unsocialized whacked out individuals?

I mean, really. I get a different person every time that y’all don’t use Fed-Ex or UPS or USPS which is about 3/4 of the time lately….and they’re scary derelict looking folks.  And they obviously Just Don’t Care…..Or, perhaps their workload is such that they feel that it is OK to just toss the package out of the Prime Delivery van onto the middle of the driveway (and my driveway is only 100 ft long).

There is no method on your website I can find to report such behavior, nor give feedback on your drivers. I’d rather you used one of the other three carriers. 

At this rate, I’m gonna have to seriously consider not ordering from you and look hard at your competitors. And I have been a customer for (literally) 20 years.