How to drive away customers:

So I used to be a customer of “Drs Foster and Smith” online store for Pet medicines and other pet supplies.

They were bought by PETCO. I got the email about that a month ago.

In the past two weeks I have gotten more than 30 emails telling me about the wonderful deals available to me from Petco.

I unsubscribed… three times.

But they “want my business”…”to establish a relationship” as a pet owner . Nice way to start out there, assholes. I got maybe 3 emails a year from Foster and Smith, and I liked it that way. Spamming me at a rate of more than twice a day doesn’t do much to make me want to do business with you. In fact, It pretty much makes sure I won’t.

Does anyone in the marketing department have any sense at all?

3 thoughts on “How to drive away customers:

  1. Yeah… I've gotten that from a number of websites that I haven't even done business with yet. It really annoys me when the site sends me multiple emails about something I looked at briefly – or keeps telling I left something in my cart days or weeks after I bought it from them!

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