SO the plane is up for an annual inspection.

I was offered the option of “Owner Assisted Annual”.

Which means I am the shop monkey that removes inspection covers and pulls the interior.

10 hours of work (so far).

Jesus there are a lot of access/inspection plates,,,and lots of screws. (And someday, in a dark alley, I’m gonna have a discussion with the ham handed asshole who burnt the centers out of a bunch of the phillips screws last annual…probably with a ball peen hammer to the knees….some people just should not be allowed power tools).

Anyway, this morning I’m feeling pretty out of shape. Too much crawling around and unusual (for me) positions

Breakfast of former champions for me today. (Ibuprofen and coffee).

But I have learned a fair bit about my aircraft, which is the real reason for this evolution, rather than paying someone else to do it.

And today, a work party painting the range. Oughta loosen up my arms, if nothing else. 

3 thoughts on “Annual

  1. Best way to learn the bird (and replace all those F'ed up screws…

  2. You are going to replace the Philip screws with allen heads? I can't believe they have Philip head on something like an airplane in this day and age. I had a Honda motorcycle from the 70s with the Philip heads on the motor covers. A real treat removing them with a drill or impact driver. Allen head was the best invention by far. At least you are doing it before the ideal flying season gets here. Good way to get to know your plane. Take care, hopefully be springtime very soon.

  3. Nah, I'll replace 'em with phillips heads so they match the other 200+ access cover screws.

    I'm pretty sure that screw type was standard in 1975.

    It would be nice to have allens or torx though.

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