Fresh trout

So my brother, who is a very skilled outdoorsman, called me:

“Want some fresh trout? I just pulled in 2 large trout and if you’d like some, come get it”.

So, since I was going that way, I did.

Man, was that was worth the trip.
A hot pan, melted butter. a 1 pound filet. Just a dusting of  onion powder (I didn’t have an onion) and a blessing of cayenne on one side.
Cook 4 minutes, flip.

A little seasoned rice on the side and a piece of bread.

Man, there is nothing like FRESH pan fried trout. Less than 2 hours hour from stream to plate.

The only way it could have been better was if I had other companions and it was cooked on a campfire streamside.

Thanks, bro.