’27 Chrysler update

Gettin there….
Got the issue with the distributor fixed, and it now stays in time. Odd how well it works when it is out together correctly instead of how the prior owner did it…

Runs pretty well, except for the exhaust leak. Leaks, actually. Major.

I found gaskets at Olsonsgaskets.com. He has gaskets for pretty much any car up to the early ’70’s. Pretty nice guy to work with too. Highly recommended. Not cheap, but good gaskets and good advice and quick service,

Of course, when taking the manifolds apart, some of the bolts in the manifold snapped.

So drill and tap,…Except they were so hard after all these years that that was difficult, as I could not get a punch to make an impression in the bolt. So very careful drilling and filing was necessary….It ain’t like I can go to a U-Pull-It Junkyard and get another manifold for a car that is nearly a hundred years old. But I got the remains of the studs out, even though no local stores had any left handed drill bits for extraction. 

2 drilled and tapped, one had to be tapped up to the next size. (from 5/16″ to 3/8″) I left the other 2 the original size….One can always move up but it is hard to shrink them….

All surfaces cleaned, scraped, and brushed, and assembly should take place tonight or tomorrow.

Oddly, none of the auto parts shops in the area carry copper based Never-Seize….which I like to use because I may have to take it apart someday….And they don’t carry much in the way of studs either. Still have the Dorman drawers, just nothing in them anymore. I ended up making the studs I needed with some rod and a die set.

Then I gotta see if the cooling system will hold any pressure (or water). I know for sure I gotta make a gasket for the radiator cap.

After that, of course, is cleaning out the fuel tank and lines (and fixing the vacuum fuel pump setup) and then it should be roadable.

Between flying (and doing the annual on the aeroplane), shooting and now this project, I’m keeping pretty busy. Keeps me out of trouble though.

4 thoughts on “’27 Chrysler update

  1. "Manifold Destiny" the retired automotive engineer intoned piously.

  2. I know it's late for this- but I saw something that led to a U-toob about this tool.
    It's some kind of vibrator attached (to something) that vibrates the bolt as you're trying to unscrew it.
    It's (I think) supposed to pulverize rust and the vibration helps the bolt to work it's way out without snapping.

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