The Unravelling

I was wrong….it did happen. Sorta.

So the Po-Po in Chicago (hey, that rhymes, sorta) have done their job and have tracked down and found the perpetrator of the terrible, heinous, racist attack by “MAGA” hat wearing Redncek Trump supporters (in the middle of the night, on the coldest day of the year)…

Seems it was folks the good ole’ Jussie Smollett HIRED to do the job.   They have the confessions, they have the rope that they bought at an Ace Hardware…..They have all the details…..Excellent Job, CPD.

Funny, those Nigerians don’t look anything like the folks Jussie portrayed in his description. I doubt if they even own a red baseball hat. Probably aren’t Trump supporters either. And certainly aren’t Rednecks.

While I doubt he will admit he lied and apologize to anyone, I hope he gets charged with Filing a False Police Report and is forced to pay for the costs associated with the investigation.  Ought tor be a pricey lesson for him…

(Isn’t it odd how, when anyone investigates, nearly all the “Hate Crimes” based upon race, “gender” or sexual preference just aren’t perpetrated by white conservatives? How it is (in nearly all cases) one of those “minorities” affected that commits the crime???(Often the one the crime was supposed to harm)? )

Odd, that.
But hey, Leftists. Symbols matter more that anything else.
More than reality.

2 thoughts on “The Unravelling

  1. I've really tried throughout this to not jump to conclusions publicly because the SJWs seem to have that market cornered.

    That said the evidence does seem to be about in and pretty conclusive. This type of fake hate is doubly heinous because it besmirches the character of a great many people and because one day it's going to cause people to not take something seriously that actually needs to be.

  2. Yeah, except Bullshit is Bullshit, and this whole story didn't hold water.

    Even the CPD knew it was a hoax, but had to do the investigation because of who he was. At day three it turned to "find out the truth" from Find these guys.

    And Jussie is gonna reap what he owes

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