Open border advocates

They don’t care about the country. Nor the citizens of the USA.

But (some) Democrats support Open Borders. Yep, they’d be happy when all of the USA is a third world shithole. They don’t care about the economic damage that  folks who cross even our current porous (but difficult to pass) border do….and they’d cheer if more folks crossed an open border, despite the additional damage it would do to our country. 

But it’d be a leveler, which is what Socialists want, right?
And it would help increase the number of voters that vote Democrat….Like Blacks, Latino voters vote Democrat….they don’t know why, but they do it because that is what they are told and that is what their friends do…..

But (some) of the Democrats in Congress would prefer to sell out the country….despite the oath they took. For more power and more Socialism.

And if the Press would do their job, then these folks would get tossed out on their ear. But the press supports the Agenda of the Dems. Over the safety and security of the Country and the Citizens. 

One thought on “Open border advocates

  1. These people will remember, too late, that when the Titanic sank, First Class went with it… And as they're dragged through the streets as Americans take back America, they'll hear the echoes of those who were saying "Half-speed; Icebergs ahead…"

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