I think I may have solved the case:

Hollywood eating it’s own?

The case, that is, of Jussie Smollett.

So, to recap, Jussie claims he was assaulted by a person who knew he was a gay actor…..at 2 AM when, on a whim, he chose to go out on the coldest (to date) night of the year to get a sandwich and this person who assaulted him knew he was black despite being bundled up head to toe against the cold…Said person or persons attacked him and beat him and put a “noose” around his neck and then poured “a chemical” on him all while telling him that “This is MAGA Country” (which is a term not used by folks that wear “Make America Great Again” hats, but rather by liberals, Hollywood types and journalists (but I repeat myself) who have never met anyone who supports Trump’s agenda). 

But there MAY be a break in the case. It appears that the latest Hollywood news is that actor Liam Neeson had , because of a crime committed against a “friend” of his by a black man, decided to take revenge against all black people and especially against a black man…..

And so here we have it….Hollywood, again, eating it’s own. 

There, I solved the case.

(No, despite rumors, the attack wasn’t really a GRINDR date gone bad and we are sure of that because Jussie won’t let anyone check his phone or cooperate in any fact finding by the police)