An interesting speech:

Not the State ofThe Union, although that was interesting and somewhat thought provoking.

Rather, I am discussing the DNC response to the SOTU by Stacy Abrams.

Nice set of talking points, somewhat divorced from reality and pretty much not a rebuttal, just a bunch of illogical responses and statements containing half truths and slogans. Failed to address much, really.

Sad, it was. Very sad. Almost as if it had been written by N. Pelosi in one of her less-lucid moments….

I would have welcomed a decent response.
But there was none. 

6 thoughts on “An interesting speech:

  1. It's pretty clear what the DNC is up to here. Stacey Abrams is the Donkey Party's latest attempt to turn the White House black again. Her "rebuttal" was nothing more than a nationwide political ad…

    …At one point she was blabbing about giving away the coat off her back. What she stands for is giving illegals the right to vote, and giving away the coat off of OUR backs…

    Uhhh… No…

  2. "Nice set of talking points, somewhat divorced from reality ….. just a bunch of illogical responses and statements containing half truths and slogans. Failed to a address much, really."

    Although I did not watch the Democratic response, I have to agree. Only I would use the same sentence to describe the STOU.

    Started out as reaching out to bring both sides together. Hoped for some compromise. But the compromise was: You concede and do what I want, and then I'll be happy. Oh, and also stop the congressional, partisan, and legal department investigations of me, my family, my businesses, my campaign, and my inauguration committee.

    Also nothing on infrastructure, the environment (not talking global warming, but saving the wilderness from exploitation), health care reform, or middle class tax cuts (promised before the election and after the billionaires got theirs). Hammered hard on immigration reform and the wall, though.

    Nothing much that was spoken last night that hasn't been said before. And we go on living another day.


  3. So, Dale, Lets see:

    You didn't watch the response, yet you chose to comment, and use your "comment" to slam the SOTU on MY blog…..Nice job.

    You cannot compare the two speeches as to what I commented on BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WATCH the response. Which was Truly, disjointed and poor.

    I'm sorry you saw some other version of the SOTU speech than that which I watched. Or perhaps your preconceptions so terribly shaded your perception of what was said (or perhaps what others TOLD you he said) that your statements fail to match reality.

    And just as an aside, You don't get to choose what any president talks about. They choose. Just Like Barry got to choose, Trump does. We don't.

    Please,, next time you wish to comment, keep on topic to the post, or don't comment here. If you wish to do a diatribe against Trump like above, or make a comment off topic to the post, feel free to start your own blog instead. is easy to use and free.

    I welcome on topic posts, or off topic if in reply or rebuttal to something that another commenter has said. Neither of which applies to the above comment.


  4. Well Bert, apparently I have touched a sensitive nerve. For that I apologize. I also shall respect your wishes and no longer comment on your site.


  5. The only one I've seen with more uses of 'I' was Obama… sigh…

  6. Dale: Your comments ON TOPIC are welcome. But don't use my blog to rant on. Your comment was an Anti Trump rant, and not on topic.

    Sorry if that offends you.

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