Hoax “Hate Crime”?

Sure looking that way….

Seems that there was a report from some actor “Jussie Smollet”…he claims that he was walking back from an all night Subway Sandwich shop when he was (allegedly) set upon by “several masked men” who shouted “racial epithets “while punching and kicking him”…who then “Placed a noose around his neck” and said things about “Trump” and “MAGA Country”…..

He then, according to reports, went home and called his “friend” or agent who then called police, who took a report. Investigation is ongoing.

A couple of points:

The police are very careful to use the word “alleged” in every one of their reports. As is the News Media….who can’t wait to tell us about racist Trump supporters.

Mr. Smollet “wasn’t seriously injured”. Odd, 2:1 or greater odds and he only got a bruise? They apparently knocked him down and incapacitated him long enough to “wrap a noose around his neck”…but he wasn’t hurt. Odd, that.

Said “noose” was still around his neck when the police arrived, tens of minutes later….Strange, that.

There is no other corroborating evidence….In fact, there may be video of him walking home, apparently unharmed.

The use of the word (and symbol) “noose” is becoming prevalent in the Black community when they make any complaint about white people, at least in the greater Chicago area.  Every time there is an (alleged) racial incident, there is always a “noose” involved. One wonders.
Thing is, a noose isn’t, at least to most white people, a symbol of hate.  Only black people. Ones that have been told for years that white people hate them and we are all racists. Lynching and all that(never mind that whites were lynched too)…And MAGA? Really?

I really believe that this is made up. Too many indicators. I mean, I wasn’t there, and I can’t say he is lying, but it sure doesn’t pass the Smell-O-Meter test…..It smells like the night soil of a large and well fed male bovine.

But then again, I’m a white guy. and we are all racists. But then again, on the other other hand, most of these types of claims are later found out to be false. Not all, but most. And this one has all the hallmarks of falsification.

BTW, if they find evidence that he is lying, I hope he gets some punishment and has to pay for all the man-hours used in this investigation.