Dodged a bullet, I think

Went to the house, opened up the well room, and set up 2 heaters. The room was about 20 degrees F.

Turned OFF the well at the panel, so if there were any broken pipes, we wouldn’t have water running everywhere…opened the faucet valves and flushed the terlets so that ther was somewhere for the water to go.

Set a small fan to blowing the warm(er) air on the pipes, and went to the house to get a heat gun for some more persuasion.

When I returned, Bill said that water was dripping from the upstairs faucet. opened it fully and had a small stream until the pressure tank was empty.

Turned on the well, and the faucets first dripped, then ran a stream of rusty water.

Then full flow.

Ran all the faucets for 10 minutes, flushed the toilets twice each, and then shut everything off. Ran the well until the pressure switch hit cutoff and then watched. And listened. House was quiet.
No bleed off of pressure and no hissing of water. Waited 10 minutes. Nothing. I don’t think he broke a pipe. I hoe not.

I left one heater in his well room set to 40F and buttoned it all back up. Came home. He does have a light bulb in the room for heat, but, when it burned out, he replaced it….With an LED. Yeah.
I’m gonna get him a heat bulb, or just might leave the heater there set as low as it will go for the rest of the winter.

I think Bill (the neighbor) was lucky. So far, no broken pipes.

So far, so good. Temp is -22 F.

I’m in for (hopefully) the rest of the day.

It’s a good time to scrub the kitchen floor and so some other inside jobs.