Women never lie

Especially about Rape
At least that is what the folks with an agenda tell us.


She should face charges and a sentence that is at least as great as what the accused would have faced.And, in this case, it should be doubled since her lie  was used in an attempt to derail Kavanaugh’s  nomination to the Supreme Court.

Plus, Defamation of Character charges, with civil penalties.

This woman is a slimeball.

And if women really felt that rape was a terrible crime, and had any honor, they’d lead the charge to ostracize her for her false accusation. But they won’t.

2 thoughts on “Women never lie

  1. Alone, and without the help of Democrats, she would have been ignored. Those that helped are just as guilty, and should be prosecuted for their criminal actions. That includes Feinstein, and all the other members of that committee.

  2. It'll be buried on a back page on the Saturday editions… If at all…

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