I find it interesting

How the media, once the entire non left or right coast voter base (of both sides…blue AND red) yawned at the idea of Sayoc’s bombs being real, or that he was a terrible person and a Trump supporter (which no one with two synapses to rub together believes…except those that think whatever the DNC tells them to) or that the entire story was anything more than an attempt to garner a bit of a sympathy vote from fence sitters…

But innit amazing how, once it became evident that not only did no one believe, but NO ONE CARED….

How quickly the DNC lackys Big Media dropped the story. 

2 thoughts on “I find it interesting

  1. OR…. the Pittsburgh shooting one week later turned the next news cycle, followed by Trump’s campaign rallies talking about the scare-avan took the next news cycle, followed by the claim that an executive order can override the Constitution. Each week, a new crisis emerges.


  2. Convicted felon so I doubt he voted for Trump. Once they couldn't hang that on him he just became another nut case and not worth much attention.

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