It is entirely possible

That, as a whole, there is a more inept organization that the folks at Wells Fargo Bank.

It could be that I have just not encountered said organization.

Then again, if there were a group more inept, they would probably not be able to breathe or eat on their own, use dangerous objects such as forks and blunt scissors without hurting themselves or use machinery more complicated to operate than elevators or doorknobs…. much less do any sort of business.

I, the previous owners, and the title company are still trying to get the title to the plane fully cleared. It will happen, but demonstrably not with any sense of urgency nor any demonstration of competency on the part of Wells Fargo Bank employees.

One would think they would understand the process and the verbage needed on such a simple document as a lien release…especially one this old and with a zero balance for years. 

5 thoughts on “It is entirely possible

  1. its holiday week. they're all drunk. they don't care about customers anyway. their hours prove that as much as their attitude. I'm jumping ship as we speak. besides huge fines for unethical use of my money, they don't lend any, they just play the junk bond markets since interest is so low. junk bonds are junk for a reason and fdic be damned I'm not letting them lose my little money even temporarily. I went in for a loan to remodel my kitchen, just 30k. they laughed, even though I have a spotless record and high 800's rating, and owned my house free n clear. they can pound sand.

  2. Dwan is right! BofA sucks rocks on EVERYTHING… I was never so glad to get rid of an account as I was that one!

  3. Without a doubt BoA is worse. But WF is not far behind. Bank of the West can go pound sand. Even my little ol local bank which I had been with for decades, after being bought out by Rabo bank treated me like a convicted felon. Since then, credit union all the way.

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