Enough to piss me off

Got the new plane, and since then, the weather pretty much has been MVFR and IFR either at my home airport or at any destination I would like to travel to.

I think Murphy and Mother Nature are cooperating to jam it to me here.

Hopefully, they will smile upon me this afternoon. 

One thought on “Enough to piss me off

  1. Yep. During my private training, it was thick advection fog for the entire winter. It was the worst year in a long while.

    During my IFR training the weather turned real snotty, high winds, moderate to severe turbulence, lowered freezing levels…for six weeks.

    On the other hand, when I wanted to shoot some approaches in actual, it was severe clear every day for months.

    Enough about the weather, think of how great it will be when you take your plane into the shop for, say new radios. A&P says 'two weeks'. Two months later not only have you missed some of those fly-ins you had planned but you find out it will be another month because the A&P went on his vacation and, oh by the way, installed the wrong radios AND messed up your ASI. Not like that has ever happened.

    But those days are soon forgotten when you commit aviation and the joy of flight. Fair winds.

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