If our justice system was as good as it should be, ALL of our judges, Liberal or Conservative, male or female, religious or agnostic, Muslim, Christian, Jewish….Catholic or Protestant….Wiccan or Bhuddist, would be interchangeable.

It really shouldn’t matter…..

Because our justices, Circuit or Supreme (or any of the lower courts) would adjudicate from the letter of the LAW, not from their beliefs.

No Liberal (or, to a much lesser, but still there, and still wrong) or Conservative or religious biases…no “Legislation from the Bench”.

No human is perfect. None of us can be entirely objective. But if a judge at that level cannot be impartial, and set aside his or her feelings and judge cases based upon LAW, and the Constitution, then they should not be a judge at all …especially at that level.

In fact, if our justice system had decent judges, we should be able to take any Federal Circuit Court judge’s name and any Court of Appeals judge’s name and put them in a hat and pick one…..and get a decent judge that was qualified for the Supreme level.

Sadly, we don’t have that.

We have political animals, and biased judges and those who Legislate from the Bench….and who play politics.
And those judges are failing in their oaths.