It is happening

I expect that women are gonna next complain that this isn’t fair either….that the relationships and deals that are made outside of the formal office environment, and the mentoring that occurs after hours that they will lose out on are valuable parts of business and that they are being treated unfairly by being excluded…

But if I were still in business, I’d never be anywhere with a woman that was not my wife or girlfriend for fear of being accused….and found guilty simply because “she said so and women deserve to be believed” or whatever the current catchphrase of the feminists is.

Mike Pence won’t do dinner or anything else with a woman…unless his wife is with him…..He looks smarter now than a few months ago, doesn’t he? 

One thought on “Toldya

  1. 'Found this out a loooong time ago, when I was in the military. This was going on there LONG before "metoo."

    NEVER be ANYWHERE with a woman alone.

    NEVER say ANYTHING that could be taken any way but as intended. Of course, the women will pussyfart that they're not being treated "like everyone else," but I don't care. I'd rather be accused of NOT doing something I'm supposed to be doing, than to be accused of DOING something I DIDN'T do!

    These broads are bringing this on themselves…

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