Needed to clear my head, so since there was an hour where there was a rental plane available, I chose to do some pattern work. I hadn’t flown since 9/27 either. when one is new at this game, it is easy to get rusty

Wind was varying 180 to 210, 12 gusting 20. No one in the pattern when I started.

Taxiied out and did the run up at the threshold of 18, took off, entered the pattern and did a crosswind landing on 18. Not my best one, but adequate.

Later, rinse, repeat. 5 times.

By then the pattern was full of airplanes,  spaced almost too close for my comfort. Planes arriving every minute or so. Congested for an uncontrolled airport. Plus there were 6 planes stacked up waiting for departure and complaining that no one would let them out. I landed and taxiied out to the end of 18 and parked the plane back at the flight school.

0.7 and 5.

And focusing on the pattern procedures and the landings cleared my head tremendously.

I really need my own aircraft though. 

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