I wish the media could learn the difference between “Flood” and “Flash Flood”.

The flooding in the Carolinas due to the rain from the hurricane is not a “flash Flood”. It is a “Flood”.

Flash flooding is when the water rises rapidly in a f=riverbed or other waterway due to accumulation of rainwater from a large area funneled through a very small waterway or streambed….generally with a downhill component. mostly caused by a thunderstorm or downpour, often miles away. Water can rise by FEET in a matter of minutes.

A flood, like the folks in the Carolinas after this last hurricane, is cause by too much rain falling faster than it can drain off. This water does not rise at nearly the same rate…..and it is, generally, predictable. Often, it is hours or even days to rise to flood level. I strongly doubt that anyone with more than three working brain cells is surprised at the areas that are flooding in the Carolinas….further I doubt that the rates were anywhere close to more than inches per hour.  If you are trapped by the flooding there, then you are apparently not paying attention.

But, to the news folks, any flood is a “Flash” flood.

But there IS a difference.