Have ya noticed?

The Left, when talking about Kavanaugh, keeps using the term “Reproductive Rights” when they mean “Abortion”.

Why can’t they say the word? Are they afraid of it? Afraid of turning women off by using a word that mean “Killing Babies”?

Look: I think that Roe V Wade was bad law.

No, I don’t think abortions should be illegal. Not at all, although I don’t like them….I do believe in a woman’s right to choose. The right to choose whether to be a mother or not and care for a child for 18+ years.  (Now lets make things equal, and let MEN decide whether they want to be a father and support a kid for 18 years as well…..But that is another argument for another time….)

But it was bad law, because the Supreme Court should have sent the decision back to the States (that whole 10th amendment thing, you know….).
But it is law, and I really doubt that the Supremes will do anything to change it.

I really believe that the Left is afraid of Kavanaugh for other reasons.  The abortion fearmongering is just a tool to influence women’s emotions against him.

And they will do nearly anything to keep him off the court, as we have seen.

I think it is just the beginning

4 thoughts on “Have ya noticed?

  1. a couple of questions for the pro choice community;

    if you didn't want a baby, why did you engage in the activity which creates babies??

    if you DON'T have an abortion, will you die??

    if you DON'T have an abortion, will you have a baby?

    if you DO have an abortion will the baby die??

    how is this not murder??

    what about the babies rights??

  2. In several states, if a pregnant woman is murdered, the perp is charged with TWO counts of murder; one for the mother, and one for the unborn child. In these same states, a woman can have an abortion at will. So… which is it,O militant feminists? Is the baby a person or not? You CAN'T have it both ways!

  3. Hey, folks, this isn't a platform for either Pro nor Anti abortion views of others.

    My blog, my rules.

    Stop, please.

    I'll leave your comments up, but stop there.

  4. Kavanaugh was touted as a moderate, swing vote on the court.

    After the savage attacks by the left it is difficult to see how he will remain a moderate.

    Feinstein's actions poisoned the well for the progressives with regard to Kavanaugh or any other potential "moderate".

    Paybacks come with compound interest. I don't see how the progressives can afford to let Kavanaugh on the S.C., now.

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