I find it interesting

That so many women are willing to rally behind a person with a claim of a crime 30 years ago, simply because she, like them, is a woman.

While I don’t know what happened 35 (ish) years ago (I say (ish) because we don’t have an exact date because the  accuser is (so far) hazy on the date of the alleged incident), and neither do you. I find it interesting that they are all so quick to pre-judge the people involved…. simply because one is a woman.

I don’t know either of the persons involved….I can’t make a judgement. I can say that this appears to be agenda driven, and very similar to other somewhat dubious and shady claims put forth previously against other judges that the Democrats have opposed….a person comes out of nowhere at the last minute making an accusation that cannot be proved (and therefore, since it is hard to disprove a negative, is difficult to disprove).

Is Kavanaugh guilty of that which is is accused? I dunno? Is Ms Ford lying? Again, I don’t know.

Her timing and 30+ years of silence seem…..suspicious. That does not, however, make her a liar.
Having said that, Kavanaugh has 65 women willing to testify as to his exemplary behavior…..and, as we have been told over and over, that many women don’t lie about such things….

I do know that the double standard of the folks on the Left is a glaring issue.

6 thoughts on “I find it interesting

  1. It bends all the basics of jurisprudence to even consider her allegation. Logic dictates it can only be considered rumor, when there is no proof, and the denial of those supposedly being involved. Even allowing her to testify is an affront to the integrity of the Senate.

    Feinstein is the root of this injustice and attempt to totally defame Kavanaugh. She should be censured, and her constituents ashamed of the hack she is.

  2. If Feinstein truly cared about this woman's plight, she would have put forth "the letter" as soon as she got it. She didn't though. She kept it under wraps until just the right moment. Ford is nothing more than a tool. That being said, my biggest beef with this and the rest of the "Metoo" movement is the total lack of due process. A man… ANY man,is convicted by accusation alone; his life stained forever, truth be damned. What surprises me even more is the number of people who are willing to dispense with due process in order to stymie Trump's agenda. They're so shortsighted and hive-minded that they can't see the precedent they're setting, and that what they're using on someone else will be used on them down the line. They're nothing more than tools themselves…

    …This is not going to end well…

  3. Pete,
    You say you are surprised by the number of people who are willing to dispense with due process. How do you feel about people willing to ignore tradition, long standing rules of conduct, or bypassing processes in order to further their own agenda? Just wondering.


  4. D: Are you referring the the Democrats, the Liberals, the Religious RIght or the Conservatives?

    That's the issue. Lots of folks want to do that. None of them should be allowed to.

  5. I'm referring to all hypocrites. Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Evangelicals, Heathens, Men, Women, Cats, Dogs, Black, White. Everyone has an agenda. Its just that those in power get to advance theirs. If they're pushing something you agree with, then they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you don't agree with them, then they're slimeball sleazebags that ought to be silenced. It's called human nature.


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