And that’s the point:

Every survivor of an attempted rape can tell you the exact date, time, persons present, etc., when the rape or attempted rape happened. They can tell you the color of the carpet, the drapes, the walls….

Yet Ford can’t remember….. Anything. Odd.


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  1. You may be in error in stating your absolute, B. "Every survivor of an attempted rape can tell you the exact date, time, persons present, etc…."

    According to Our Resilience, found here:

    some victims experience numbness, shock, confusion, PTSD, depression, etc. I would venture to guess that suppression of the event would also be a symptom. Just as everyone is different, people will have different reactions to events.

    I have not had anyone close to me experience sexual assault. And if they did, they have not told me about it. But if they did, and have not come forward, does not mean it didn't happen.

    Trying to minimalize someone else's experiences by making false and misleading blanket statements undermine your credibility. Sure its your blog and you can write what you want, but once credibility is gone, it is very difficult to get back.


  2. " but once credibility is gone, it is very difficult to get back"

    Perhaps you should tell that to Ms Ford.

    She's not eve sure what MOTH the "attack" happened.

    And she is very Anti-Trump and anti Conservative.

    I know no one who has had a terrible experience who cannot remember WHEN it happened.

    And you should read the article to which you posted a link (I did)….It does not say what you claim it says: Nowhere does it say that "suppression of the event" is a symptom. It does suggest "Flashbacks and Nightmares"….which are the opposite of what you claim.

    I know people who have been assaulted. They remember.

    Ms Ford is a slap in the face to folks that WERE assaulted.

  3. Please re-read my original post. I never claimed the website says “suppression of the event” was a symptom. I said – “I would venture a guess…”.

    And I know people with PTSD. They do not talk about their traumas. I have uncles that fought in Vietnam. They do not talk about their war experiences. They DO talk about humorous incidents, memories of friends during their leave, and training and travels. My grandfather and great uncles fought during WWII in Europe and the Pacific. While they were alive, they didn’t talk about the combat either. I provide these examples to demonstrate that everyone reacts differently to the trauma.

    For every example you can provide, I can probably provide counterpoints.

    Finally, the blog you referenced tells the tale of one person’s experience. Quite a stretch using that one blog as evidence that Ms. Ford is lying.


  4. All rape survivors I know remember the carpet colors, clothing styles, bedding, what was on tv, what was on the radio.

    Someone I know can't stand green carpets, or uniforms like those worn at car shops, or 60 minutes. Heck, I can't even clear my throat a certain way, or laugh a certain way.

    40 years later, even certain movements or sounds still get her.

    So, yeah, didn't believe Ms B-Ford from the beginning. And from the beginning it sounded like either a complete fake or implanted memories.

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