So, after flying to meet Aaron for lunch yesterday, I met some other members at the Range and pulled some video cables yesterday…through conduit. 10 video cables through 250 ft of 2″ plastic conduit.

I had engineered things such that I would be able to pull straight up….using my legs more than my arms. (I was the youngest and in best shape so they guided the cable from the other end as it went and I did the pulling)

And we used plenty of wire pulling lube.

100 (more or less) squats later, the wire was pulled through the conduit. the last 30 feet was a lot of resistance (a long sweep bend that we simply could not get any lube into, so lots of friction)

All was well last night and this morning. I was actually surprised at how well I felt (I don’t normally do TEN squats in a day, much less a hundred(ish) with resistance. Pretty much no stiffness when I arose from my slumber…. No pain other than normal aches and pains. Old friends, as it were…..My legs were fine, my calves and ankles were good….I had expected my forearms to hurt, as gripping the rope was something I no longer do on a regular basis…But no

Then, around noon, it began to hurt. Calves, thighs, glutes.  I can barely hold a covefffe cup in my hands

I normally walk about 12,000 steps a day. I might make 8K today. Maybe.

Where did I put the ‘Vitamin I” ?

This gettin’ old is a bitch. I may have to have to crack open the bottle and have some liquid muscle relaxer later, over ice.