I’m no economist.
I don’t understand international trade interactions and how they interact to make the economy work better or worse as they change.

But I DO know that China needs the US as a customer more than the US needs China as a customer.

Without the US as a buyer for Chinese goods, China’s economy falls on it’s face.

Now, it could be that I’m wrong……I welcome (sane, polite, somewhat well thought out and not ranting)  comments which will show if I have made a mistake in my thinking.

But I do think that, if the US stays the course, China falls on it’s face without us as a consumer of their products.

Then they will play our game (They will, of course, cheat all they can, because Chinese Culture, but they will play. And then the US will be in a better position. but I repeat myself) go apeshit over the looming additional tariffs TheDonald intends to impose on the PRC. 

One thought on “Y’know…

  1. you are absolutely correct. china needs to sell 80% of their production overseas, while we can and do absorb 80% or our production right here. they can't make it without us, at least until the african markets mature. fat chance. they know that, and they will deal.

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