Isn’t it interesting

That, after years of the DNC types ignoring court orders, and DNC affiliated heads of Federal agencies being allowed to ignore or dismiss court orders…Especially when it comes to investigations into the practices of their members…..or when ignoring those orders benefits their cause.

Yet now, these same folks are insisting the the Trump Administration follow the courts orders to reunite the kids taken from their (criminal) parents be reunited with them….

Odd how they think that the courts have the power to rule when it benefits them, and not so much when it doesn’t….

(and, again, are we gonna “reunite” all those kids taken from their parents when their (US Citizen) parents were arrested for crimes and incarcerated??? Who is gonna pay for those huge expansions to the prisons and jails for schools and playrooms? I mean, all US citizen arrestees get separated from THEIR children…..How come illegal border crossers get special treatment?)

One thought on “Isn’t it interesting

  1. What's even more interesting is that this is happening and no one in a "position of power," aside from Trump, is shining a light on it…

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