This is why I worked to get it.

My pilots license, that is….

Met my parents at the Airplane rental hangar yesterday about 4 pm.

We did the chores, fired up the 172 and flew around a bit, looked at their house (what we could see of it, they have a lot of trees) then flew along the Lake Michigan lakeshore for about 20 miles and looked at the beautiful beaches.

Then we flew to Rochester for dinner.

(Rochester is far enough away from our homes that we would normally not drive there for dinner, bust since we were flying at 105 knots, we could get there in a reasonable amount of time).

Someone got smart, and there is a well-mowed grassy area and a path off the paved taxiway that planes can use to taxi and park across the street from a nice little restaurant.

It was a nice dinner with my parents, and a nice flight.
Skies were a bit hazy, but the views were awesome, and the company was good.

I greased both landings, one at RCR and one back at my home airport. (yeah, the winds were light and favorable, but still).

All in all, a great evening and a nice reward for me, having struggled to gain my Private Pilot license.

Plus, I got to show off a bit.

This is why I wanted to fly, at least in part….To go places and see things and get there faster with friends and people I love to be with.

I shouldn’t really complain, but if other parts of my world were different, it’d be a perfect life right now. but overall, I’m pretty content.

3 thoughts on “This is why I worked to get it.

  1. That's a great reason, and a great way to 'reward' yourself an your parents.

  2. I live in Muskegon, so I can drive to the beaches everyday. But today, Saturday, it was a touch rainy, so not the best weather. But you do have a much better view of the coastline than I from up in the air. Stay safe, and good winds, or whatever they say.

  3. Awesome stuff. Half the fun of flying is sharing it with others.

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