On the one hand

This idiot was pretty much out of line and should have been told by friends to shut up….perhaps a bit too much hops and barley?

On the other hand, He’s being charged with a Hate Crime….which is pretty stupid. Where are HIS Free Speech rights? He had an opinion, and even if it was in bad taste (or just flat out bigoted and wrong) he too has a right to speak, even if his opinion is bigoted and, frankly, stupid.

While I would like to see folks show some pride in the US if they are American Citizens, they too have the right to Free Speech, even if that is a t-shirt that others find distasteful.  Good with the Bad and all that. Either we have Free Speech or we have “RightThink”. Which is it?

So I ask you, why does this drunken idiot guy not get to speak his mind without being arrested for it? Just because some chippie posted her video on Social Media? Because everyone has the right to prove they are an idiot by speaking, don’t they?

I mean, he might have been intimidating (and an ass), but until he laid a hand on her, she had no cause to charge him. Perhaps he was as offended by her shirt as she was by his words…..
And nowhere in our Constitution do I see anything that says you don’t have a right to an opinion or not be offended.

2 thoughts on “On the one hand

  1. The dude is an ass, historically, geographically, and civically ignorant. That is not a crime. It will cost him lots of money, but he will beat this because eventually he will get a court that understands there is no right to not be offended embedded in tne Constitution.

    This is example nĂºmero UNO why hate crime statues are wrong, redundant, and potentially abusive.

  2. Once she stated she felt uncomfortable and asked for help from the officer and the officer did nothing, it emboldened the ass to keep going after her. It wasn't a hate crime, but it should be a trespassing charge, at minimum, since she had the permit to be at the pavilion and he was uninvited.

    But hey, assholes being what they are, they just don't understand social norms and boundaries.

    Remind you of anyone?


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