Grandkids and such…

So apparently, there was indeed more than just grandkids discussed in the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Former President Bill Clinton…..

You know, that “accidental” meeting in Phoenix, where they just accidentally ran into each other and had an “Impromptu” meeting (in a plane that had already been cooled and was ready for occupancy…..)
 Where they claimed they discussed only their Grandkids and such….and it was only coincidence that 2 day later the Justice Department (headed by Lynch) decided to NOT charge Hillary Clinton with mishandling of Classified Information.

Odd how those coincidences happen, innit? We know that’s what happened ’cause that’s what they told us….


Page 203 of IG Report says Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting was planned via Secret Service, FBI.

Who you gonna believe?

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