Why is it always Democrats?

Seems now that Carmen Cruz, the San Juan Mayor (D)(Puerto Rico) is being investigated for corruption during the relief of the Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Odd, isn’t it, that each time there is a major disaster, it is always the Democrats who not only exhibit extraordinary incompetence before and after the tragedy, but, eventually some form of corruption…taking advantage of the rush and confusion to squeeze a few more dollars from an already beleaguered government trying to help the citizens that need that help badly.

So we have these failings…..

Failure to prepare for the disaster beforehand.

Failure to organize relief efforts afterwards (one can, maybe, give her a pass for this….it was, after all, a disaster, and organization was no doubt troublesome in the immediate aftermath)

Failure to ensure that the supplies were sent where they were needed.

Failure to make sure that the ports and truck drivers would, you know….unload and transport those supplies to places where they were needed….instead supporting the strikes in order to gain political favor from those powerful unions.

Failure to ensure that the supplies that weren’t transported were inventoried…Tens of millions of dollars worth of supplies….food, water, medicine …Parts to restore the power grid, etc, were sitting there, not inventoried and not moved to where they were needed.

Now we find that some hastily created companies were formed….and given preferential treatment,,,,to supply items needed ..at exorbitant prices…When people were, literally, starving and dying of thirst.

It’s like New Orleans only on an island. And in Spanish instead of english.

Corruption and mismanagement killed how many folks in Puerto Rico? And all for a few dollars? 

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