Standards aren’t fair! I mean, they DEFINE you. And the tests MEASURE you, and make you meet Standards.

And no one likes have to measure up. It’s SO HARD.

University of Chicago to stop requiring ACT and SAT scores for prospective undergraduates

So how, exactly are they gonna measure who is capable of actually, you know, Graduating?

Or is the goal just to get people to enroll and spend (someone’s) money at the school?

ETA: I am told by people that should know better than I do that there is a great deal of thought in the academic world that the standardized tests (ACT/SAT) do not predict collegiate success as much as we might have thought. While I am not convinced, the arguments were that High School GPA and some other placement tests do a better job of predicting said success.. At this time, the jury is still out. It was also pointed out that there is a LOT of money that changes hands for the ACT/SAT every year, so there is a LOT of pushback to keep the standardized testing in place.  While I am not convinced yet, (as no one can seem to point out any studies that prove the theories, one way or the other) I now am not sure. 

3 thoughts on “Standards?

  1. You got it right after "Or…"

    Colleges don't care how they get the money, as long as they actually do get the money. When the shit eventually hits the fan over this, they'll just say "Well, this is what the public wanted…"

  2. 1. What color is your. Skin
    2. What are your politics
    3. How much money do you have

  3. My son graduated from there. Can't wait to get his thoughts on this. I remember many nights with him studying for those test.

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