Terrible treatment:

‘Twas pointed out to me earlier Monday that the kids being separated from their parents who illegally entered the country (and who were treated like any other criminal, even to the fact that criminals of any nationality who are caught and incarcerated and NEVER allowed to keep their kids with them (no kids even in our women’s prisons, or jails either,  folks). Those kids separated from their parents at the border get better food, better healthcare, better care period…. better clothes than we give to the kids in our inner cities (who are, in my opinion, treated fairly well sometimes what with all the Free Shit that they get) and are being taught that America…Los Estados Unitos….is, indeed, the land of Free Shit.

2 thoughts on “Terrible treatment:

  1. …Free to them, anyway…

    Somewhere in the mix, the United States became the world's welfare office…

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