I’ve noticed that the current tempest in a teapot from the media regarding the illegal immigrants has a couple of issues:

The folks detained are treated as criminals….’cause that is what they are. And the treatment of their families is the same as any parent arrested and detained by Law Enforcement: The kids are placed in protective custody, the same as any dependents of a US citizen who was arrested and detained would be. (When possible, kids are placed with family members, if not DCFS or another local agency is charged to find a place to care for them….there is no difference in the treatment of the kids of folks detained, US citizen or not).

The Trump administration is not the first to do this. But the issue gives the media a way to (independently, of course) hammer on him yet again.

The media, and especially the folks they interview, seem to feel that these illegal border crossers have every right to enter this country, and that they are doing no wrong when they do.  This is simply not the case. They have no right to enter our borders without permission.  Further, the implication is that these folks don’t cost the US anything….which is also false.  Illegal immigrants cost the US in excess of $120 BILLION every year.

At the end of the day, again, I would ask each of those folks who believe that these border crossers have every right to enter our country and live here without the permission of our government, and believe that they cost us nothing, each take a family of at least 4 members and house ’em, clothe ’em, and feed ’em. Put your money where your mouth is, folks, or you are a hypocrite. If you wish to welcome invaders into our country that will dilute our wealth and standard of living, then let us start with YOUR wealth and YOUR standard of living.

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  1. BINGO! Don't stop at feeding 'em either! Add medicate and educate to the list!

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